hand-clicking-payroll-button-picture-id517634168.jpgThe addition of employees brings with it many regulations in Human Resources and accounting that must be strictly adhered to.  Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions has great HR partners to set up policies while we implement compliant payroll processes.  Beginning with automating the collection of employee time, we can integrate a wide variety of payroll systems into the accounting process to ensure all employees are paid correctly and on time.  We can also aid clients in recognizing payroll-related liabilities including garnishments and paid benefits.

  1. Collecting time 
    • Reasons to use timecards
    • Timecard form and frequency
    • Online timekeeping software and mobile apps
    • Efficient time audit and approval
  2. Using a payroll service
    • Processing payroll from within QuickBooks
    • Using a third party to process payroll
    • Paying all payroll-related taxes
  3. Compliant processes
    • Scheduling payroll to meet the rules
    • Making all mandatory deductions and garnishments
    • Applying overtime rules correctly
  4. Confidentiality of information
    • Safely handle Employment files
    • Protect all sources and output of pay information
    • HIPPA rules that apply

Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions provides bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses in San Jose, CA and the surrounding Bay Area.