Results We Deliver

Accurate Financial Reports

  • Design meaningful content and format of monthly Financial Reporting Package
  • Conduct month-end closing, create journal entries and generate reporting package
  • Add commentary on results plus comparison to the forecast and analysis of variances found

How do I control costs?

  • Streamline time reporting, shipment, and billing processes to tighten the cash-to-cash cycle
  • Develop credit policies to reduce risk of Bad Debt
  • Implement daily collection procedures to identify customer issues early and promote timely payment of invoices

Audit-Ready Accounting Processes

  • Produce a detailed Accounting Operations Manual
  • Review manual with audit and CPA firms to assure acceptance for external testing and tax preparation
  • Employ the manual as the primary training and reference tool for all subordinate staff

Timely Production of Custom Dashboard

  • Create and maintain weekly dashboard of key financial indicators for management (which may include: Cash, Bookings, Billings, Cost of Sales, A/R Days, and near-term payables)
  • Monitor cash balance against invested funds and available lines of credit

Reliable Forecast of Results

  • Create and maintain an Annual Budget and dynamic forecast model
  • Tie forecast to accounting system Chart of Accounts for continuity and ease of recording actual results
  • Interact with all functional managers in expense management and forecasting

Develop Internal Staff

  • Train and supervise current staff to the extent they contribute to the finance and accounting process
  • Provide transactional support as needed to manage fluctuations in clerical workload, bridge staff turnover, and contribute to special projects
  • Delegate accounting activities to the most effective staff level and build in control points to insure adequate review and early error detection

Customized Presentations
for Management, Creditors, & Board

  • Design content and format of relevant information used by management in running the company
  • Produce presentation materials, overhead slides, and waterfall charts as required by the Board of Directors
  • Comply with timing and content of all covenant reporting as dictated by creditor agreements


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When you need:
  • Clear processes for cash controls
  • Analysis of results
  • Customized reporting


When you need:
  • Timely and accurate bookkeeping
  • Reconciliations and monthly closes
  • Familiarity with popular accounting software
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