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Accounting for regular employee payroll and profit and loss calculations is difficult, time-consuming, and easy to get wrong. Bookkeepers are similar to accountants, except they usually perform more number-crunching than accountants, as they also deal with classification, timing, and recognition problems that require extensive experience and post-secondary schooling.

The southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area is known as the Silicon Valley. A large portion of startups choose this beautiful area as their corporate headquarters, many of them experiencing rapid growth. Startups often have small staffs, many of which are highly skilled in their positions, and superb decision makers. As such, those important employees integral to their startups’ success should never spend time doing accounting-related activities.

Outsourcing bookkeeping services in the Silicon Valley area is ideal for all start-ups striving for unrivaled success. Companies often devote entire departments to simple functions like payroll, accounts receivable and payable, and expense analysis.

Delegating important business functions related to paying employees is an outstanding idea in many business situations. Most organizations dedicate high percentages of their revenues to paying employees. The United States Census Bureau calculated that the average accounting firm paid their employees just under 46 percent of total revenues. Doctors’ offices spent 46 percent of income to pay employees, legal firms were tallied at 45 percent, and software development groups at 43 percent.

It’s appropriate to assume that startups in Silicon Valley highly value their human capital, most willing to fork over hefty proportions of income to employees. Because of this virtually-unfettered payroll expense incurred by many up-and-coming organizations in the southern San Francisco Bay Area, outsourcing bookkeeping services in the Silicon Valley area is advantageous for start-ups.

We, at Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions, offer some of the best bookkeeping services in the Silicon Valley area. Our established firm carries out a wide variety of bookkeeping functions, ranging from bill payment to advanced analysis of numerous financial aspects of a business. Our trained bookkeepers log pertinent information with high accuracy to appropriately report on financial positions.

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