A Story of Visibility

The economy took a turn for the worse and this company was forced to cut back – on marketing, human capital, and expenses in general.  The owner of the business became increasingly concerned about being blindsided by any further disruptions to their operations.  Creating a reliable forecast seemed impossible.

How did we help?

  • By categorizing his revenue streams, it became clear which ones were declining, holding steady and showing growth.  He was able to close down those with little future, maintain those holding their own, and focus support on the emerging products.
  • Further analysis of profit margins by product gave him solid data from which he could adjust pricing, cost of sales, and marketing expenses to insure each line of business was contributing to the company’s overall success.
  • The intelligence gained in the exercises above provided the structure for a Forecast model to represent the gross profits he could expect to achieve.  From that basic model, we extended the formulas to build out the Balance Sheet and resulting Cash Flow so he could see the ebb and flow of resources for future periods.  This model also gave him the ability to modify variables and see the impact they would have on Net Income and Cash balances by month.

Now this company has a clearer view of the future.

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