Controllership Services in the Silicon Valley

As a small or medium-sized business, you may feel overwhelmed trying to compete with big businesses. Day-to-day functions take up most of your time. You probably don’t have time to create cash control processes or generate balance sheets. Chances are you don’t have expertise in those areas. A financial controller does, but do you have … Continue reading Controllership Services in the Silicon Valley

Bookkeeping Services in the Silicon Valley

Accounting for regular employee payroll and profit and loss calculations is difficult, time-consuming, and easy to get wrong. Bookkeepers are similar to accountants, except they usually perform more number-crunching than accountants, as they also deal with classification, timing, and recognition problems that require extensive experience and post-secondary schooling. The southern portion of the San Francisco … Continue reading Bookkeeping Services in the Silicon Valley

Outsourcing Accounting Services in the Silicon Valley

The major reason for outsourcing accounting services in the Silicon Valley is a matter of business profit and loss. For many business owners, the complexities of their daily business transactions require highly developed accounting expertise and absolute vigilance in order to exact optimal results. The cost of a hiring a full team of various types … Continue reading Outsourcing Accounting Services in the Silicon Valley

How Can A Controller Benefit My Business? Long-Term Advantages To Outsourcing

As your business expands in size and objectives, discussion arises concerning whether outsourcing controller services warrants extra investment. Your business may already employ the valuable service of an accounting manager or bookkeeper, but with further growth comes increased complexity between departments, branches, and even subsidiaries. Outsourcing controller services benefits your business in the long-term by: 

Outsourcing a Bookkeeper Could Be the Best Choice for Your Business

Many business owners assume that they should have an in-house bookkeeper — if not more than one — to help them keep track of their company’s finances. Even though this is a smart move for some companies, outsourcing a bookkeeper can be a better choice for some businesses. In fact, you might find that outsourcing … Continue reading Outsourcing a Bookkeeper Could Be the Best Choice for Your Business

Understanding The Benefits Of Outsourcing Professional Accounting Services

Running a business? Chances are, you have a lot on your plate- especially if you’re a small business just starting up. At first, you might think that it’s better to keep everything in-house, but there are distinct advantages to outsourcing some departments. Whether you’re a small operation where every cent counts, or you’re running a … Continue reading Understanding The Benefits Of Outsourcing Professional Accounting Services

Skate to Where The Puck Is Going & Other Adventures at XeroCon 2016

by Roger Boor

by Sherry Witt Snow CFO | Strategic finance management for startups to midsize businesses | Speaker Once a year I attend a gathering of my tribe – accountants – a misunderstood, maligned and sadly unfashionable lot. We are not a popular group but everyone in business needs us and therefore resents us. We in turn, resent them … Continue reading Skate to Where The Puck Is Going & Other Adventures at XeroCon 2016

What it Means to be a Service Business

by Roger Boor

On more than one occasion recently, businesses have boasted
that they’ll:

  • Deliver what they promise
  • Complete the work on time
  • Not go over budget

Well, guess what, Mr./Ms. Business Owner – that’s the very least we expect. You FAIL!

Everyone should be required to work in a service-related business for at least a short while in their lifetime. Serving the public in a retail setting or waiting tables builds character while teaching compassion and patience. It can also breed contempt and cause an erosion of our confidence in humanity. Consumers can be intolerable at times. What better way to learn life lessons?

Double-Entry Accounting

by Elaine Orgain

Double-Entry Accounting is a method of recording financial transactions that has been used for thousands of years. Rather than tracing its history, however, it is enough to know what it is today.  At its heart, double entry accounting is a system that epitomizes the concept that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’.  It stipulates that for every action there must be a consequence of equal value within the accounts.

It’s Accrual Business

by Elaine Orgain

Every business must track transactions to measure its financial results. The method its owners choose to record this activity will determine how much they pay in taxes. It also reflects the value of their ownership in the business. For these reasons, it is wise to understand the difference between the following two methods of accounting before making that choice.

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