QuickBooks 2012: Home Page

The QuickBooks Home page is an overview of all of your accounting functions. Tasks are organized into logical groups (Vendors, Customers, Employees, Company, and Banking) with workflow arrows to help you learn the proper order of execution as well as how tasks relate to each other.

The version of the Home page you see when you open QuickBooks is based on your company file Preferences, or how you answered the questions about your business in the EasyStep Interview.  Over time, your business needs or practices might change.  If they do, you can customize the Home page so that tasks and workflow shown match your current business model.

To customize your Home Page:

  1. Click Home to go to the Home page.
  2. Click the Edit menu and then click Preferences.
  3. Click Desktop View.
  4. On the Company Preferences tab, select or clear the checkboxes for the task icons you want to show or hide.

Note: You can show or hide other icons on your Home page, but you must turn on or turn off the feature in QuickBooks to do so. At the bottom of the Company Preferences tab, there is a list of the QuickBooks features that you can enable or disable. Next to each feature name is an indicator of its current status (on or off). To turn a feature on or off, click the blue link and then make the appropriate changes.

5.      Click OK.

The Home Page now reflects your workflow changes.

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