QuickBooks Memorized Report Source Discovery

If you’re a long-time QuickBooks user, it’s likely that you’ve developed a library of memorized reports that you use with regularity.  But what happens if you need to recreate one of the reports on another computer or want to create a similar report but you don’t remember which report format you used as your starting point?

With your company file open, click Reports on the menu bar, select Memorized Reports and run your custom report.  Since the report has been customized and renamed, it isn’t obvious how it was originally created, but you can discover its source through QB Help.

With the report open, press the F1 key on your keyboard or from the QuickBooks menu bar, click Help, then QuickBooks help to open the Help sidebar.  Under the Relevant Topics tab, the first line indicates the original report from which your custom report was created.

With this information, return to the Reports menu and begin again.

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