QuickBooks: Modifying Reports

QuickBooks comes equipped with many handy reports, but they may not be an exact fit for everyone. QuickBooks does, however, make it easy to modify the existing reports to fit your personal needs.

Simply start with any basic report from the Reports Menu or Report Center that presents the primary subject matter:

Once the report is open, there are two ways to modify it:

1.  On the report toolbar, you can change the following criteria

a.  Time Period, either from the drop-down list or with specific ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates

b.  Hide Header / Show Header

c.  Collapse / Expand to determine level of detail displayed

d.  Columns – drop-down of options

1.  The “Customize Report” button on the menu bar will open the ‘Modify Report’ window and show four tabs that allow you to make other changes to the report.  (Keep in mind that the options will vary depending on the report selected.)

a.  Display: set date ranges and add selected ‘sub-columns’

b.  Filters: to set selection criteria for data captured in the report. Multiple criteria may be selected and will be displayed under ‘Current Filter Choices’.  More information is displayed for each field option as highlighted on the drop-down list.

c.  Header/Footer: change report title lines, apply styles ,and select information to include in header

d.  Fonts & Numbers: to modify font and number display options

Click ‘OK’ after you have made choices in all of these tabs to have them applied to your report.  Once satisfied with the output, ‘Memorize’ the report if you intend to use it again in the future.

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