Controllership Services

Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions’ outsourced controller services are customized to fit the exact needs of your organization. Our knowledgeable and experienced controllers are responsible for managing and overseeing all client accounts, providing accurate and timely insights,  financial advice, and diligently meeting client expectations, a standard of excellence at Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions.

Our accounting professionals have extensive, practical experience in controller services and financial management. They are accountable for overseeing all work completed by our support staff, closing client books on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and provide consultations and sound advice on a wide variety of matters.

Our services are customizable to fit the needs of your organization. Some of the controllership services we offer include:

  • Financial Reports:
    Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows Aging reports for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Gross Margin analysis, Inventory Turnover, Product Profitability.
  • Balance Sheet Analysis:
    Justification of each Balance Sheet account to identify the make-up of the ending balance and the timing of its eventual distribution.
  • Track Key Metrics:
    Management Dashboard to track KPI’s and customized to provide client with critical data to keep them informed of progress toward company goals.
  • Manufacturing Cost:
    Analysis of parts, labor, and overhead attributed to parts sold. Identify variances in each element of cost between actual and predicted values.
  • Expense Control:
    Monitor consistency in monthly expenses and identify the reasons for periodic increases or decreases. Advise client on methods to limit spending and maximize desired results at lower cost.
  • Annual Budget:
    Build and update annual projections of financial results on a 1 to 3 year horizon. Participate with management to build a realistic budget from the bottom up that is supported by the organization.
  • Monthly Forecast:
    Using the first year of the annual Budget, prepare a rolling monthly Forecast that overlays each completed month with its actual results and revise the expectations for the balance of the current year.
  • Comparison to Budget:
    Expand monthly financial reporting package to include comparisons of actual results to the Budget in financial statements as well as for key metrics and drivers of Revenue and Profit.
  • Board Presentations:
    Extract financial information and format for presentation to Board of Directors in the form of waterfall charts, graphs, or summary financial statements. Data can include KPI’s, top ten lists (Customers, products, geographic area), or other custom results.
  • Audit Support:
    Preparation of audit workpapers as dictated by clients audit firm. These can include detailed schedules of A/R, A/P, Payroll, loans, prepayments, and rollforwards of fixed assets and equity
  • Sales Tax:
    Preparation and payment of estimated Sales Tax due for each reporting period and completion of periodic Sales Tax Return based on actual sales and purchases where tax was not charged.
  • Property Tax:
    Prepare and file Form 571-L annually to report personal property owned by businesses with locations in the state of California. Audit and pay property taxes to County Assessors semi-annually.
  • Income Tax Support:
    Preparation of income tax workpapers as requested by clients tax preparer. These can include reports on either a Cash or Accrual basis, reconciliation of Compensation to Form W-3, officers compensation and benefits, and other such details.

Our Goal Is Your Success

Our main goal is your organization’s success. In order to succeed, your business must have accurate and current financial data on hand. This information is critical in making sound business decisions.

Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions’ controllership services ensure that your organization’s books are accurate and useful. We accomplish this through concentrated review and analysis of your organization’s financial data. As your outsourced controller, we ensure compliance with best practices in tax guidelines, federal mandates, and accounting policies and procedures.

As part of our controllership services, we are able to provide guidance related to your business’ entire financial operation. Our sophisticated controllership professionals are also able to assist with business plan development, evaluation of business profitability, vendor relationships, and more.


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