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We Help Your Business Reach New heights With Streamlined Accounting and Financial Reporting Services.

Your Trusted Accountant Is
Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions

Attention business owners and executives:
  • Are your current accounting processes taking too long?
  • Do the books fall short of telling you how the company is doing financially?
  • Do you struggle to understand your financial reports or accurately forecast your business’s future?
  • Look no further because Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions in Santa Clara is here to help!

Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions provides accounting, controllership, and advisory services for your business. Whether you’re starting a new business and need a little help setting up a user-friendly accounting system – or are a well-established company that wants to outsource some or the entire accounting department, we’re ready to serve.

We understand that improving your accounting processes can feel like a daunting, and perhaps, unnecessary task, but the benefits of our accounting services are proven. We help your business see exactly where and how it makes money (and can help save it some too.) We identify and track key elements of the business that drive your success and present the information in a manner that you and your management team can keep your finger on the company’s pulse.

The road to peace of mind and better financial understanding all starts with a free half hour conversation with an experienced accounting professional.

Let’s set up an enlightening appointment with an Executive team Member from Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions.

You know it’s not just about the accounting.

It’s about knowledge, experience, and understanding.

You want someone that listens and connects with you.

It’s about communication.

You want someone that has solutions.

It starts with a conversation.

Seasoned & Talented Financial Professionals That EXCLUSIVELY Do Business Accounting

Our clients often tell us that we are “financial wizards”. One reason is that we, “numbers people”, specialize in business accounting. This allows us to be laser-focused on the best accounting practices and systems to make your financial data flow very smoothly.

We are outsourced controllers who can handle the recurring bookkeeping as well as adding our unique financial analysis and customized reporting.

With our expert guidance and experienced business accounting team, we establish accurate and consistent accounting procedures that can reveal hidden opportunities to improve your overall financial health and profitability. This may be in the form of accelerated cash flow, reduction of debt, and/or increased profits. You’ll be able to:

  • Budget expenses for your business
  • Eliminate inaccurate or late financial reporting
  • Compensate for a lack of internal expertise
  • Reveal ineffective use of funds and…
  • Even uncover theft

In addition to broadening your understanding of the financial side of the business, the books we deliver to your tax professional are easily digestible and clearly documented so as to make preparation of your tax filings very efficient.

This allows them to spend more time with you on strategies to minimize your tax liability and keep more money working in the business.

Business Accounting Experts in the Heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA

Our team of experienced accounting professionals in the heart of the San Jose Bay Area (near the 49ers stadium and Great America) will work with you to help manage your business bookkeeping. From payroll and QuickBooks to financial reporting and advisory consulting, you can trust us to take care of the accounting side of your business so that you can focus on what you do best with the added knowledge of where you stand financially!

Don’t let inefficient accounting processes or underperforming staff & vendors hold your business back any longer. Get real results with answers. How’s that sound?

Act now and take advantage of a free 30 minute call with accounting expert and SVAS President, Elaine Orgain. With over 25 years of experience she will review any challenges you have with your current accounting situation and discuss all the ways Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions can make a transition to our highly trusted accounting services. We can help take your business to the next level!



  • Full range of accounting services
  • Set-up, clean-up, and maintain compliant books
  • Custom service offering to address your specific needs
  • Training for you to do as much of the work as you choose
  • You don’t have to manage the process – saving time and money
  • Timely and reliable service


  • Accounting set up to serve management and board of directors
  • Non-profit-specific reporting
    Budget/Forecast creation and maintenance
  • Interface with auditors and Form 990 preparers
  • Customized reporting for grants and other funding sources
  • Creation of statements of activities, financial position and cash flow


  • Full range of accounting services “as needed”
  • Funding events & BoD projections/presentations
  • Maintenance of Cap Table
  • Consistency of reports across portfolio
  • Annual valuation of portfolio for tax reporting
  • Interface with tax preparers for K-1 issue
  • Solid controls and processes to allow for growth



  • Data entry from receipts, vendor bills, or bank statements
  • Direct download of transactions from bank and credit cards
  • Interface shopping cart or third-party billing software to accounting books
  • Posting of customer payments via ACH
  • Upload from payroll service provider
  • Journal entries


  • Reconcile to all outside financial statements
  • Post recurring non-cash items (depreciation, amortization of prepaids, interest accruals, etc.)
  • Verify make-up of ending balances in all Balance Sheet accounts
  • Compare results to Budget, Forecast, and/or prior periods
  • Calculate Gross Margin by product or line of business


  • Produce standard financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
  • Generate client-specific reports
  • Run reports required by tax and/or audit teams
  • Post actual results to Budget/Forecast
  • Review all results with client
  • Update Forecast from client input

Important ACCOUNTING Questions We Get Asked Often:

Can Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions Clean Up Our Mess?

Yes we can! We have done it hundreds of times for others. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) best practices, accounting education and experience – is why you want to engage Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions. We clean up the books and get things working smoothly so accounting is the least stressful, but most informative, part of running your business.

Can You Give Us More Insights Like a Controller Would?

One of our favorite things to do is educate our clients so they can reclaim the accounting function internally with confidence. We want your company to complete reports and forms with timeliness and accuracy. Accomplish budgets, forecasts, and financial reviews yourself with our controllership services. Our role is helping you understand and put the information to use.

We Don’t Even Really Know Where to Start or What To Ask For, Is That OK?

Don’t sweat the details. We are going to ask the right questions, understand your needs, and deliver results. It’s what we do. You won’t have to manage the process or participate any more than you choose. Our outsourced advisory services are what set us apart from the simple bookkeeper. Silicon Valley moves fast, you need an accountant that can help you thrive and keep you on top of your company’s financial health.

How To Really Know If You Have A Great Bookkeeper.

Download this simple guidebook our executive team has put together from 30+ years of experience. It helps answer the not-so-typical questions you really should be asking yourself to evaluate your bookkeeper and accounting systems.

Accounting, Payroll & Timekeeping Software

Any business requires the right accounting tools to master profits.
Your business is no different.

Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions uses a variety of popular accounting tools. We are QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors for all desktop and online versions. We regularly use many other tools like Asana, Bill, Divvy, Expensify, Fathom-Reports, Hubdoc, Shopify, Square, Stripe, Tax1099, and Xero.

We also work with Payroll & Timekeeping software products for our clients. These include ADP, Gusto, Intuit Payroll, Minute7, Paychex, TriNet and T-sheets.

Ultimately, our neutral status allows us to help you choose the best combination of accounting processing tools to make your business run smoothly without bias.

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