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Projecting the financial future is essential to most companies. Planning future action requires a framework within which the financial impact of such action can be measured. The effects of today’s decisions can be felt well into the future and the savvy business owner will take note and be prepared. An appropriate financial model can also be used for “what-if” scenarios and to record actual results, both of which may lead to revisions to the forecast.

1. The Annual Budget

Forces a business owner to look out a full 12 months and project results based on assumptions about the business. These assumptions are built into an Excel worksheet that takes the client’s input and calculates all three of the key financial reports for the full year.

2. Monthly Forecasts

Adjust the closed periods to their actual results and allow for updates to the projections for the balance of the year based on current realities.

3. The Most Effective Planning

Warrants regular review of actuals vs projections to fine tune the assumptions made and redirect efforts if the firm is drifting off track.

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